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The Eleven Second Death Match

The Eleven Second Death Match

by | on December 31, 2012

A Very Long Death Match

Grandmaster Angel Cabales did not believe in having long fights. Most of his challenge death matchmatches lasted only 3-5 seconds with the exception of one. It lasted nearly 11 seconds and that Escrimador he nearly killed. With a ever building reputation as a highly skilled Escrimador challengers would always surface. There was a certain Escrimador who had been beating all of the opponents that he challenged in the area and felt that he was the man who cold take down Grandmaster Angel Cabales. One day while returning from Manila to visit his village before going on a voyage as Grandmaster Angel got off the boat his friends informed him of the man who wished to challenge Angel to a Death Match, Grandmaster Angel Cabales was  not shaken by this news and replied “I am not hard to find”,  and went on his way home. While Grandmaster Angel Cabales was approaching a sugar cane field he spotted another traveler on the path as the two neared each other they came face to face.

The Death Match Begins

At first Angel tried to ignore the other traveler but the man spoke, stating ” I know who you are and I am the Escrimador that will beat you.” Grandmaster Angel Cabales calmly pulled his rattan from his sack and said, “you talk to much” at this point the Death Match was on. Immediately Angel’s  foe attacked with double sinawali strikes to Angel’s headdeath match 1 which Angel blocked and closed in on his death match opponent with abanico strikes to his attackers head. “That son of a gun surprised me” Cabales stated ” He blocked my strike and right away came back with a Redondo strike to the right side of my head.” Since the man was left handed the strike came very quickly and Angel was able to catch part of the blow with a shoulder block, but the strike did glance of the top of his head. “Once I felt the strike, I did a double strike and faked to his left lower body which opened him up. The first of the double strike, I aimed high to his left ribs which I knew he would block. Then I immediately flowed into to his lower ribs. He dropped a little and blocked and blocked the strike quickly, at which time I saw my chance for an opening. So I faked low to his kneecaps, which he reacted to instantly. When he dropped he left his head wide open enough for me to jam him and quickly hit him with my triple strike to his head. Pop! Pop! Pop! was the only sound I heard. His arms dropped against his body and he fell with his knees bent to the ground. As he laid on the ground on his side, his eyes rolled back so that i could only see the whites of his eyes. His ears and nose were bleeding and he stopped breathing for a few seconds. Then His breathing came back and he looked at me with amazement and fear I thought for a second I had killed him!”

The Death Match  Was That Escrimador’s Last

“When two Escrimadors play, all they have is first, their nerve, second, their skill, and third, their luck. The one that has less of the three will lose the fight and maybe their life. Yes I was very lucky that day”, exclaimed Grandmaster Cabales. “I could have been the one lying there, but I was lucky to block that one killing blow he threw at me with my shoulder block. I will always remember those eleven seconds and that his style of fighting was  almost like mine. Nobody ever lasted more than 3-5 seconds with me up until this time. But I almost killed that Escrimador that took me to the count of eleven!” Grandmaster Angel Cabales might have said he was lucky that day but deep down inside he knew it was his superior fighting skills In Cabales Serrada Escrima that he won that Death Match!
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