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FMA Digest Vol 3/2006 Exerpts

Excerpts From
Filipino Martial Arts Digest Vol. No. 3/ 2006

In publishing the Special Edition of Cabales Serrada Escrima, there have come forth comments about the interview with Grandmaster Vincent Cabales Sr. That would like to be said. The issue was put forth in an effort to find out what it was like to be the son of a legend; 
"Grandmaster Angel Cabales" and to find out where, and how Serrada Escrima was progressing since his passing away. 
The FMAdigest apologizes if persons concerned were insulted. In an equal opportunity, and a one time situation,
The FMAdigest has added this "Declaration of Independence" written by Grandmaster Anthony Davis.
"These are his words and the FMAdigest holds no responsibility".

Declaration of Independence
By SGM *D*

I wish to make some personal comments concerning the 'Special Edition of Serrada Escrima' on my behalf, and others, that were commented on in the article, which was an interview with Vincent Cabales Sr..Essentially, Vincent Cabales Sr. was questioned about whether or not certain of Grandmaster Angel Cabales' Master graduate, and advanced graduate students fully earned their degrees, and whether or not any of these students are currently supporting him. The first one of Angel Cabales' students mentioned is Mark V. Wiley. First of all, I know for a fact that Mr. Wiley has gone above and beyond the call of duty in financing, and promoting the 
"Cabales Serrada System of Escrima".

Mr. Wiley's track record speaks for itself. Additionally, after Grandmaster Angel Cabales' death, Mr. Wiley continued to promote 
Serrada Escrima in conjunction with Vincent Cabales Sr..The main division between Mr. Wiley, and Vincent Cabales Sr., is that 
Vincent Cabales Sr. is attempting to override his fathers authority, by replacing his fathers personal pre-set wishes, and business agreements with Mr. Wiley, "with his own agenda". 

Because Mr. Wiley refused to be coerced, physically beaten, and blackmailed into paying Vincent Cabales Sr. a substantial amount of monies in 1999, in order to publish the "Secrets of Cabales Serrada Escrima", Vincent Cabales Sr. will not endorse, nor give any credibility to Mr. Wiley's projects. Vincent Cabales Sr. vehemently vents, and criticizes Master Darren Tibon in his interview regarding his integrity towards Angel Cabales, and also, he questions his full experience as one of Grandmaster Angel Cabales' Master graduate instructor's. I can personally attest to Master Tibon' expertise as being one of Grandmaster Angel Cabales' finest Master graduate instructors.

Additionally, after Angel Cabales' death in 1991, it was Master Darren Tibon who stepped up to the plate, and helped to support 
Angel Cabales' widow, and two small children financially, and otherwise. Master Tibon has been extremely instrumental in helping to guide Grandmaster Angel Cabales' youngest son Gelmar Cabales in the way of "Cabales Serrada Escrima".

As far as the "Grandmaster" title that Vincent Cabales Sr. holds, there is no such title within the "Cabales Serrada System of Escrima". The highest title within Grandmaster Angel Cabales' Escrima system is "Masters Degree". "Grandmaster" is an honorary title that was bestowed upon Master Angel Cabales by myself, that evolved out of my early Filipino martial arts association located in, 
San Francisco,CA..Prior to my acknowledging Angel Cabales as an "Honorary Grandmaster" everyone, including Angel Cabales himself, referred to him only as "Master Angel Cabales".

I challenge Vincent Cabales Sr., to share with the public any written, or recorded documentation stating that he was bequeathed the title of "Grandmaster" by his father the late Angel O. Cabales. As far as being the successor to his father's "Serrada System of Escrima", 
Grandmaster Angel Cabales has left behind many successors, including all of the people that Vincent Cabales Sr. has discredited, and downgraded  in his FMAdigest interview. Grandmaster Angel Cabales never officially appointed anyone as the primary dictator of his Escrima system. In essence, none of Grandmaster Angel Cabales' students have sole monopoly of the art of "Serrada Escrima".

All of my allegiance is strictly to the late SGGM Angel Cabales. Because of my allegiance to the founder of "Cabales Serrada Escrima",         the "World Serrada Escrima Federation" will always continue to exist as an independent worldwide Filipino martial arts federation.

{To Be Continued}
For all of those who would like to read this article in its full entirety titled: The Declaration of Independence;
the journal in which first published this article can be found on line by accessing: FMA Digest Vol. No. 3/2006

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