Monday, January 7, 2013

"Proust's Magnum Opus"

                                 Honorary GrandMaster 1st Degree Mark Wiley

A Master of Martial arts, a top notch Doctor of Internal holistic medicines, a successful journalist/writer/publisher, Father, and a dear friend to many, Grand Master Guru Mark V. Wiley is a prime example of a true craftsman of "par excellence" in all that he does, and has achieved throughout a substantial period of time. Considered by many to be one of the leading authorities within the sacred, and coveted field of Filipino martial arts, Grand Master Mark V. Wiley will never fall within the range as just being another mediocre writer/historian. 

Because of his many tedious long years as a keen researcher within the area of the various distinctive methods of Filipino martial arts, 
GM Mark V. Wiley is now in the eyes of many martial arts practitioners one of the primary authorities of clarity when it comes down to a better understanding of the underlying profound principles, and foundation stones that gives to these various FMA arts their true value, and true genuine validity. 

Writing his first book about the fine art of 'Cabales Serrada Escrima' as far back as 1994, GM Mark V. Wiley became one of the primary catalyst, and resources that set the popularity tone for much of todays success that this particular art form is now experiencing all around the world today. I personally, owe a great deal of gratitude to GM Mark V. Wiley, as he has taught me the value of true friendship. 
Additionally, I am totally proud of all that GM Mark V. Wiley has accomplished in his many years as a dedicated 'Serrada Escrima' 
mentor to many. 

You can be absolutely sure, that this book titled: "Mastering Eskrima Disarms" will present to you many fascinating insights into the various arts covered, and also will give you vital insights into the many 'Master Minds' who created these exotic combative styles of martial arts.

Thank you so very much Grand Master Guru Mark V. Wiley, for once again producing another essential, and very important revolutionary book of knowledge. By writing and completing this "Proust's Magnum Opus" "Remembrance of Things Past"

Always Keep it Flowing my fellow Brother in Arms.

SGM *D*/Co-Founder
World Serrada Escrima Federation
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