Friday, January 4, 2013

Announcing the WSEF International Director of Tournament Operations


It is with great pleasure that I announce the first Director appointment of the year 2013.  As of January 1, 2013, I'm pleased to announce GM Bilal Erbatan to International Director of WSEF Tournament Operations. GM Erbatan also be working on the creation of WSEF Tournament Rules which will upon completion will be used in conjunction with WSEF Tournaments in the United States and internationally.

GM Erbatan will oversee all International Tournament Operations with full autonomy.  GM Erbatan has always acted with great honor and has been a positive force for the WSEF worldwide.  All International Tournaments will be guided by GM Erbatan from this point forward.  While I, GM *S* as President/GM of the WSEF and SGM *D* will always be available for consultation on these matters, we have complete confidence in GM Erbatan's capabilities and management skills.

GM Bilal Erbatan has been consistently promoting the Filipino Martial Arts for almost a decade.  Within the past several years GM Erbatan has also consistently been motivated to continue the Legacy of Supreme Grand Master Angel Cabales and the Serrada System of Escrima.

Recently, with the valued assistance of his contemporaries in Turkey as well as his students, GM Erbatan has now formed his own organization to further succeed in the propagation of the FMA throughout the Middle East and beyond.

At this time, I'd like the WSEF membership to join me in congratulating GM Bilal Erbatan in his promotion to WSEF International Director of Tournament Operations.

President/GM Michael Schwarz
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