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The Training of Prison Guards With Ray Novencido

          The Training of Prison Guards


San Quentin State Prison houses some of the nation's most notorious
convicts. In the early eighties, members of the San Quentin State
Prison Self-Defense Training Team included, CDC Officer Skip West;
Sergeant P.T. Ward; Lieutenant Ray Novencido; Ray's former wife Jan
Novencido; and CDC Officer Rich Brunelle.

Back in 1984, while shopping for rattan sticks at "Brendan Lai's
Martial Arts Supply Shop" in San Francisco, California, SGM *D* had
the distinct honor, and pleasure of meeting former California
Department of Corrections Tactical Weapons Training Officer, Retired
Lieutenant/Captain Ray Novencido. At that point in time, there were
seven members of the San Quentin Baton/Self-Defense Training Team. In
addition to the five members mentioned above; two other members of
this specialized team included, CDC Lieutenant Fred Everly, and
retired CDC Officer, & 'World Serrada Escrima Federation' Honorary
Grandmaster Guru/ Stan Toscano.

During the course of this unique meeting, SGM *D* soon discovered that
Officer Novencido had a strong interest, and a burning desire to want
to learn more about the close-quarter empty hand/weapons tactics of
the Filipino martial art of Kali, and also specifically more about the
art of the "Cabales Serrada System of Escrima". Novencido's keen
interest to dig deeper into his native form of martial arts would be
the the quint essential pivotal juncture point that would ultimately
bring the fine arts of Kali, and the 'Cabales Serrada System of
Escrima' officially into the California Department of Corrections.

Soon after Officer Ray Novencido's official introduction into the
Filipino method of fighting by way of SGM *D*, he was formally
introduced to the legendary stick/knife fighter; SGGM Angel Cabales.
Totally convinced, and impressed with the proven effectiveness of
Serrada Escrima, and the ancient martial art of Kali, Officer
Novencido petitioned the foregoing letter to his Superior Officer
requesting the inclusion of the art of Kali into into an official
self-defense training program on behalf of all CDC personnel.

GGM Angel Cabales & SGM *D* w/NorCal Kali group

 State of California Memorandum

Date: July 29, 1984

To: R.X. PERRY, Lieutenant In-Service Training Department

From: R. NOVENCIDO, Lieutenant San Quentin Self-Defense Instructor
California State Prison, San Quentin, 94964

KALI (Martial Arts/ Stick Fighting) On Saturday, July 28, 1984, I
received a call from Master Guru D (Instructor), who is a Third Degree
Black Belt in karate, and a disciple of Master Angel Cabales (of
martial arts fame) he is also a personal friend of mine. Guru D is
versed in the art of Kali which is a Filipino Martial Art featuring
the use of weaponry, particularly the double sticks. Guru D expressed
his desire to teach correctional staff in the methods of stick
fighting in that it will benefit the students by enhancing their baton
training techniques and, conjunctively teaching them empty hand

Based upon the type of setting that our employees are exposed to,
where adverse and, dangerous situations are a reality, and due to the
hostile and aggressive type of inmates housed within, I feel that a
need for on-going training in self-defense exists. I therefore request
that you consider and perhaps seek approval in implementing a Filipino
Kali martial arts class in the use of stick fighting. I have had
exposure to this course and am very impressed. The techniques are easy
to learn, to the point, and extremely effective, particularly if the
officer is facing a life or death situation. Unlike karate, kung fu,
or judo (of which I hold a Nidan rank in karate and San Kyu rank in
judo), I can attest to the fact that Kali is an effecrive art that is
economical, combatively speaking, and excellent in terms of

R. NOVENCIDO, Lieutenant San Quentin Self Defense Instructor

Granted his petition, Retired CDC Officer Captain Ray Novencido
assisted WSEF Co-Founder SGM *D*, along with SGGM Angel Cabales in
formally introducing the fine art of 'Cabales Serrada Escrima' into
several California State Prison Institutions, as well as into other
California law enforcement angencies. In 1990, Grand Master *D*
relocated to Berlin, Germany, and while there, he in turn established
an affirmative 'DC/Serrada System of Escrima' "tactical
close-quarter-weapons training program" within Germany's special
anti-terrorist task force known as, (GSG9).
This elite Escrima training program was based upon the original CDC
Kali/Serrada Escrima training program that was founded back in 1984.

       What does {WSEF} stand for?

Weapon System Effectiveness Factor


Back in 1990, in Stockton, California, SGM *D* had the distinct
opportunity to interview the founder of the 'Cabales Serrada System of
Escrima' the legendary SGGM Angel Cabales. The primary purpose, and
the essential aim of this interview was to chronicle SGGM Angel
Cabales' own words regarding the fundamentals behind the 'Serrada
System of Escrima' that he had founded, and established in America in

                      GGM Angel Cabales
In a nutshell, SGGM Angel Cabales stated that he primarily specialized
in the area of self-defense. He further stated that he more preferred
to teach the combative levels of his art because Escrima is
specifically designed to protect your life. Protecting one' life is
exactly why SGM *D* co-founded the "World Serrada Escrima Federation".
The {WSEF} serves two purposes, one purpose is to continue to
perpetuate the golden historical legacy of SGGM Angel Cabales, and the
pristine art of Serrada Escrima as it was personally taught to him
directly by SGGM Angel Cabales.

The second, and the primary reasons that the WSEF exist today, is to
continue to exchange, and to share the masterful
close-quarter-combative effectiveness of the art of Serrada Escrima
with all responsible conscientious minded people, and professional law
enforcement agencies on a national, and upon an international scale as
well. There are always hidden meanings behind every outward projection
or name.

The hidden meaning behind the {WSEF}, is "Weapon System Effectiveness
Factor". Today, within the countries of America,Turkey, Germany,
Australia, and in Switzerland as well, the "WSEF Masters of Excellence
DC/Serrada Escrima Training Programs" have been affirmatively
established. Because of SGGM Angel Cabales' strong concern in the area
of self-defense, his much coveted art known as "Serrada Escrima" is
now being taught to thousands of people all over the world. What a
great testimonial to the importance, and also to greatness of SGGM
Angel Cabales' many contributions within the sacred field of martial

           SGM *D* w/German WSEF Contingent

"Long live the art of Serrada Escrima"
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