Friday, June 22, 2007

Serrada Escrima Reaches Monastic Height


Reichenau, Germany- Recently Grandmaster Anthony Davis returned from the island of Reichenau located in southern Germany. GM Davis conducted and completed a series of advanced Serrada Escrima workshops on the island, and, he left such a great impression there that he was asked to return again before the year is out. The promoter of the workshops Petra Eischeid, is an Advanced Davis/Cabales Serrada Escrima Apprentice Instructor who is currently privately studying Serrada Escrima under GM Anthony Davis. Additionally, Gura Eischeid is currently working on her 1st Degree Master rank under GM Davis' auspices as well. The island of Reichenau on Lake Constance in Germany preserves the traces of the Benedictine monastery, founded in 724, which exercised remarkable spiritual influence. The churches of Saint Mary and Marcus, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and Saint George, mainly built between the 9th and 11th centuries, provide a panorama of early medieval monastic architecture in central Europe. Their wall paintings bear witness to impressive artistic activity. According to GM Anthony Davis, the training that the students on the island of Reichenau received was precise, well articulated and extremely effective. GM Davis gave the Reichenau workshop participants breakdown information about his own personal martial arts background, along with background history concerning his Serrada Escrima teacher the late Grandmaster Angel Cabales. Students also learned valuable insights about Filipino history, various Filipino cultures, and Serrada Escrima's unique footwork along with Serrada Escrima's shortstick close-quarter combat counterstriking tactics. GM Anthony Davis has been conducting Serrada Escrima workshops in Germany for well over 15 years. Also, GM Davis has worked extensively with Germany's special (Anti-Terrorists Division) known as [GSG9]. Various German criminal departments have found that GM Davis' close-quarter stick and knife combat training is adaptable to their own methods of close-quarter combat training. Stated GM Davis, "The science and the art of the Davis/Cabales Serrada System of Escrima can be adapted into any art form or into any system of martial arts". Indeed many of the participants at the Reichenau workshops came from various different backgrounds and from many diverse professions. Doctors, dancers, martial artists, school teachers and massage therapists all came together in order to synchronize into one harmonious group in order to experience and learn the ancient immaculate art of the Davis/Cabales Serrada System of Escrima.
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