Friday, June 22, 2007

Excellent Flexible Weapon For Street Readiness

An old Italian man was tired of his little grandson getting picked on, so he purchased some handkerchiefs, marbles, and a teddy bear. The grandson was instructed by his Grandfather to tie a marble or steel ball bearing into one corner of the handkerchief, and in the far corner a knot to grip onto. A strike with the weapon hand palm up and the ball bearing or marble would be in the left hand, so that the impact of the swinging marble would crash down hard on top of the teddy bear's head. The grandson was instructed to continue practicing that technique everyday, which he did. One day the Grandson bounced the steely on top of the bully's head real hard and then the old Grandfather was accused of teaching his Grandson to hurt other children. The old man said he wasn't going to lie about it, that he taught him some other stuff too so that bullies can get hurt real good, then they won't pick on his Grandson no more because it won't be fun anymore once they realize it is them getting hurt instead of his Grandson. I don't know what the final verdict was, but apparently the technique almost killed the bully.

Found this posted sometime ago. I don't recall who the author was, but definitely valid information for our consideration.
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