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Davis/Cabales System of Serrada Escrima Seminar

White Tiger Martial Arts Academy
June 16 & 17, 2006
Presents: Punong Guro Mike Schwarz

Punong Guro Schwarz
Demonstrating of angle 1 outside deflection (initial pass)
On June 16th and 17th, 2006, White Tiger Martial Arts Academy in New Haven, Indiana was the scene of the first Davis Cabales Serrada Seminar held outside of the system's home base of Sacramento, California. Punong Guro Mike Schwarz, teaching under the direction of Grandmaster Anthony Davis, made the trek eastward from his home base near St. Louis, MO. to an eager and most appreciative seminar audience.
Academy owner, Sensei Mark Best 3rd Dan ITF TKD, opened his Tae Kwon Do school to basic and advanced eskrima practitioners as well as the curious from around Indiana. Aikido practitioner and Videographer Sensei Jim McCoy, recorded the event for a future compilation into a CD training series that PG Schwarz plans to release in coming months. Other seminar participants included Tae Kwon Do Sensei Brock Brown, Inayan Eskrima Advanced Practitioner Ron Robertson and other students of the Filipino martial arts Brent Marple, Steve Ames, Jonnie MunLeon, Jason Harbeit and Kirk Bowser.
Due to prior commitments, Inayan Eskrima Guro Kim Satterfield was unable to attend, but he expressed his gratitude to Punong Guro Schwarz afterward that the event was eye opening for all of his students that were able to attend. Guro Satterfield noted the difficulty exposing students to other systems, which allow for growth and comparison to those they actively study, as Filipino Martial Arts styles/schools are limited or difficult to find in many areas. So for his students, this event was indeed an eye opener.
Punong Guro Schwarz demonstrating a possible follow up strike for angle 1 inside deflection
After introductions and an overview of the Cabales Serrada Eskrima system as founded by the late Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales, everyone got to work. First up was showing the 12 Angles of Attack as practiced by Cabales Serrada practitioners worldwide. As one could expect, seminar participants started out somewhat overwhelmed by the material covered but as the weekend progressed, they got the hang of things and quick! Besides being shown what the 12 angles represent, participants went through each of the stances, positions and strikes by the numbers.
Hungering for more, the majority of the weekend was spent introducing seminar participants to inside/outside deflections as well as cross block deflections. Working with the first three angles of attack due to time constraints, participants learned about the counters to each angle of attack as well as lower level attacks. Instruction in the free flow drill of "Sumbrada" was the other major topic to be covered during the fast paced weekend seminar.
Exhausted but happy, participants left with new appreciation for the teachings of Great Grandmaster Cabales and the Davis Cabales system of Serrada Eskrima.
Punong Guro Schwarz instructing participants on the inside deflection of angle 1.
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