Friday, June 22, 2007

Inayan De Cuerdes DVD Review

It is my pleasure to present a second review on the Inayan Brotherhood of Eskrima (IBE) recent DVD production of the Inayan Dequerdas.

Again, this DVD was made in a cooperative effort between Masirib Guros: Emanuel Hart, Steve Klement, & Cory Hanosh, with narration by Datu Dieter Knuttel. Also assisting in the video is senior student Randall Crisp.

Resulting from the previous review and the kind appreciation of the IBE, I was asked to review this additional work. Again, it is my pleasure to have the opportunity to critique this work and to acknowledge the accomplishments of the IBE.

Through a distinct understanding of our similar yet different perspectives of Serrada Eskrima, it is apparent to me that when creating this segment of training curriculum, Suro Inay had a intent of controlled force and use of restraint in mind. As is stated by the IBE, the Inayan Dequerdas is one of the designated training methodologies used, while training law enforcement, correctional and security officers.

A viewer can definitely see the distinct “root”, if you will to Suro Inay’s historical training with GMs Angel Cabales, Max Sarmiento and others. Similar angles of attack are used although they are limited to 8 angles of attack in comparison to Serrada’s 12, the flow is still remarkable.

This is the 2nd “family” of Dequerdes that it has been my great fortune to view. My 1st opportunity to see a “family” of Dequerdes in action was that of GM Gilbert Tenio, on tape just a few days before his untimely passing. There are similarities of course as well as both have their unique manipulations and training format.

With those thoughts in mind, I would like to present my views and thoughts on this fine production.

As I’ve been on record previously, the production and DVD quality is very good. Several camera angles are shown for better understanding of techniques. The lighting was perfect for the demonstrations and the background is not obtrusive, so that it does not take the viewer’s attention away from the techniques offered.

Production quality remained a constant. I have taken as much from the technical filming qualities of the production as I have from observing and working with the techniques.

The instructors demonstrate great understanding of the Inayan Dequerdes techniques.

This DVD is separated into several sections for view; from viewing the DVD as a whole to viewing individual angles and their defenses.

There are several follow up options offered for each defensive counter. Additionally, basic disarms are covered.

An added benefit to this DVD offering is the reflex drills included to provide further proficiency and efficiency in movement.

Again, I must say, viewing and studying the movements on this DVD will enhance anyone’s martial arts experience. However, I do not feel that any previous experience with FMA drills is necessary to retain and work with the valuable information on this DVD.

The instructors have tried to present their material so that it is palatable for almost anyone and with proper practice the techniques can be understood by anyone.

I definitely would recommend this DVD production to anyone interested in a unique martial art. Why? Because this DVD provides knowledge that can assist anyone to learn the basics of Inayan Dequerdes in a efficient manner.

Again, I was pleased to see that there was no wasted space or long winded explanations of technique. The instructors are straight to the point and the narration is a special bonus. The narration is an option I would definitely recommend to those of us who may produce instruction segments or DVDs in the future.

I recommend all other productions that the IBE will be producing.

I hope to work more closely with the IBE in the future and would recommend anyone to seek out their instructional DVDs.

My respects and regards to all.

PG Michael Schwarz
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