Saturday, July 26, 2014

Highest Regards Fellow FMA Enthusiasts

The WSEF thus far has been able to recognize those who've made significant strides to propagate their systems. In doing so we've provided independent recognition outside of the Grandmasters, Masters & instructors systems. 
These recognitions are honorary. In no way can the organization of the WSEF determine or designate a systems leadership, inheritance or direction the system will travel forward. 
The interview program FMA Chronicles sponsored by the WSEF and Defensive Combat Initiatives will continue to seek those who wish to tell about their personal relationships with their instructors. The program offers an open invitation and an open interview format.
The WSEF and Defensive Combat Initiatives blog is now presently reaching 110,000 viewers and growing. Our viewership stretches from the U.S.A., Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Australia, Norway, Russia and the Philippines. As viewership builds so does the demand for additional information. ANYONE yes anyone who would like the opportunity to share with the growing viewership their experiences with their teachers, recognize the struggles and celebrate the accompishments of their instructors and systems, please contact me.
Additionally, I've been invited to events in California where several of my interview subjects live, teach and breath life into their arts, their students hearts and minds.. While I can't attend all, I've given my word that I will attend 1 if not 2 in the next several months and more in coming years. I'm very much looking forward to these experiences. Lifetime friendships,memories and history are made at such events. To name a couple I refer to The Banquet of the Masters and The Comemoration to GGM Angel Cabales both hosted by SGM *D*. The last memorial event I attended was several years ago with the Serrada Escrima family for the Angel Cabales Commemoration. This was a WSEF event hosted by GM *D*, his lovely wife Mila and Master Bob Langley. Beautiful memories that week. Looking forward to having much more very soon.

My very highest respect and regards to all of my friends in the FMA community but very special regards to the very special friends who hold the teachings of the great 3 of GGM Angel Cabales, GGM Gilbert Tenio & GGM Leo Giron alive in their hearts in Stockton, Ca, as well as throughout the world.
I salute everyone, Remember, agreement is not always possible, but as long as we keep our teachers in our hearts we will at least have the love for those teachers in common & to continue to share with each other.
Michael Schwarz
President of th WSEF