Thursday, July 3, 2014

Esteemed Comments from Ron Saturno

On June 30, 2014 the Honorary Grandmaster Certificate of WSEF, as officiated by Guro Michael Schwarz was publicly bestowed upon GM Vincent Cabales of Cabales Serrada Escrima. GM Cabales has continued to run the Cabales Serrada Organization, which was begun by his late father the esteemed Angel Cabales.
My significant other has been very ill and it did take awhile for me to make the time to bestow this great honor upon GM Vincent Cabales. Myself and a few others have also been blessed with this Honorary GM title. The next day my lady love went into the hospital for a cancer related operation. Thank you WSEF for your kind patience. I really do appreciate the patience upon the part of the WSEF Organization. It was an honor to have been part of those present and to have actually presented the certificate. I want to thank the WSEF for doing it's best to represent Serrada Escrima in a positive light and promote it's growth in a forward thinking and brotherly manner
Thanks WSEF
Ron Saturno