Thursday, July 24, 2014

From The Roots Came The Fruits

Back in 1984, one of the most historical Filipino martial arts promotions of all times took place in San Francisco, California. This very special event was promoted by, SGM Guru Anthony Davis, and featured three of FMA's most legendary top notch Escrimador's, Great Grand Professor Gilbert Tenio, Grand Professor John Eliab, and the notorious stick/knife fighter, Great Grand Master Angel O. Cabales.

Also present at this illustrious affair, were other top martial arts Grandmaster's, Professor's, and Sifu's, such as, Professor Al Novak, Grand Professor John K. Wong, California Department of Corrections Weapons Training Instructor, Officer Lt. Ray Novencido, Grandmaster Bill Tolentino, the famous 'Praying Mantis' Kung Fu Grandmaster Brendan Lai, along with several other's such as, some of GGM Angel Cabales' assistant instructor's, Guru Carlito Bonjoc, Guru Tony Texiera, and co-founder of 'Angel's Disciples' Grand Master Guru Darren Tibon.
Today, many of these great personalities have already passed away. However, there still remains a selected few who continue to promote, and who continue to keep there deceased teacher's arts alive, such "Dynamic Dequerdas" Grandmaster Richard Van Donk,  Serrada Escrima Grand Master Guru Darren Tibon, and WSEF Co-Founder SGM Guru Anthony Davis.
The World Serrada Escrima Federation, would like to extend a very special thank you out to GM Darren Tibon, for playing an instrumental role in keeping the fine art of 'Cabales Serrada Escrima' alive, and sticking, not only in Stockton, California, but all over the world as well.
GM Darren Tibon has gone on to become one of the late GGM Angel O. Cabales' most prolific, and one of Angel O. Cabales' most finest Master Graduate Instructor's.
Due to him, and his family, along with many of his most dedicated  students' donated time, and unbiased efforts, GM Darren Tibon has gone on to produce some of the worlds leading stick fighting champions, such as GGM Angel O. Cabales' youngest son, Master Guru Gelmar Cabales, and GM Tibon' own son, Master Guru Chez Tibon as well. Additionally, on top of all of that, GM Darren Tibon has also produced some of the most outstanding, and most classic Filipino stick fighting tournaments that are officially recognized worldwide today.
Again, thank you immensley Grand Master Guru Darren Tibon, you have done an outstanding job in representing your teacher GGM Angel O. Cabales, and the 'Cabales Serrada System of Escrima' in a most unique, fashionable, and in a most professional way.
Your contributions on behalf of the WSEF, and on behalf of the FMA world, will forevermore be acknowledged, and will always be genuinely recognized.
The WSEF Respectfully Salutes You.

(l-r) Master Gelmar Cabales, Master Vincent Cabales Jr., GM Vincent Cabales Sr.,
& SGM Anthony Davis. Standing in the back row (l-r) GM Jerry Preciado, and

GM Guru Darren Tibon.