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Escrima, Kali, Arnis, or Eskrido--call it whatever you want, but remember within those names lies one of the world's most effective and most deadliest martial arts, an African/Asian system of martial arts that threw fear, and terror into the hearts and minds of the Japanese during World War II.
Recently, on May 20, 2012, at the Stars Recreation Center, located in Vacaville, California., a national, and an international large gathering of martial artists all came together as one force in order to welcome one of the legendary Bruce Lee's top former students, 10th. Degree Grandmaster Richard S. Bustillo.
Also known as the "Iron Dragon" GM Bustillo is the founder, and the chief instructor of the (IMB International Martial Arts & Boxing Academy) located in Torrance, California. As one of the original students of Bruce Lee, GM Bustillo performed, and gave an immaculate workshop & interview account regarding his personal experiences of what it was like training under the the legendary 'King of Kung Fu' Bruce Lee. Many of these stories can be found in GM Bustillo's new book/ autobiography titled: 
THE IRON DRAGON: By Richard Bustillo.
Also on board this event were the co-founders of "Angel's Disciple's" & WSEF Honorary Grand Master's Darren Tibon, and Jerry Preciado. Both of these extraordinary Grandmaster's are "Cabales Serrada System of Escrima" Master Graduate students trained directly by the late legendary stick/knife fighter *Supreme Grand Master* Angel Cabales. SGM Angel Cabales founded the very first official Filipino martial arts academy in America in 1966, in Stockton, California. Also known as the "Father of Escrima in America" Angel Cabales passed on in 1991. In honor, and in memory of his father's Filipino martial arts legacy; His youngest son, Master Guru Gelmar Cabales made a special guest appearance at the Stars/ WSEF martial arts gathering.
Bringing GM Richard Bustillo, and Master Guru Gelmar Cabales both together at the Stars Recreation Center was by no means an accident. This is because Grandmaster Richard Bustillo is one SGM Angel Cabales' 1st. generation 'Advanced Cabales Serrada System of Escrima' graduate instructor's, as was the famous Guru to the stars, Dan Inosanto.
The real Stars behind the scenes that pulled together in order to put on such an illustrious show were all "World Serrada Escrima Federation" (WSEF) representatives. Representatives include Master of Ceremonies; Bob Langley. Bob Langley is the owner and operater of: Langley's Karate School located in Rocklin, California. As the primary coordinator of the function, Master Langley conducted a flawless close-up candid interview on honored gueststar, GM Richard Bustillo.
Master Langley also presented three very special 'WSEF Honorary Grand Master's Awards' to Vallejo, California, 9th. Degree Kajukenbo Grandmaster Woody Sims, and also to former California Department of Corrections Officer & 5th. Degree Iron Dragon Tactical Weapons Instructor/ Steve Toscano. WSEF Honorary Grand Master Toscano was also commisioned to pass on a special 'WSEF Honorary Grand Master's Award' to his Former Chief CDC Supervisor Officer/ Retired Captain Ray Novencido.
As far back as 1984, retired CDC Officer Captain Ray Novencido assisted WSEF Presiding President & Grand Master *D*, along with SGM Angel Cabales in formally introducing the fine art of 'Cabales Serrada Escrima' into several California Prison Institutions, as well as into other California law enforcement angencies. In 1990, Grand Master *D* relocated to Germany, and while there he in turn established an affirmative 'DC/Serrada System of Escrima' "tactical close-quarter weapons training program" within Germany's special anti-terrorist task force known as (GSG9).

GM Richard Bustillo & GM *D* Anthony Davis
in Germany

Today GM *D* in conjunction with Grandmaster Richard Bustillo, have trained several (SAS) & (GSG9) special anti-terrorists officers in the fine arts of Eskrido, Serrada Escrima, and Jeet Kune Do.
Grandmaster Richard Bustillo's life dedication to the spreading of both of his former teacher's arts, Bruce Lee's & SGM Angel Cabales', initiated him to be awarded the "WSEF Honorary Supreme Grand Master's Award". Indeed martial history was made in regal form at the place of the STARS.
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