Monday, May 21, 2012

WSEF & Stars Event Dignataries with participants
Datu Gelmar Cabales, Datu Chez Tibon, GM Tasi Alo, GM Darren Tibon, GM Richard Bustillo, Mike Mckenzie of FMA Supply, Master Jerry Preciado, Master Cedric Campbell

May 20, 2012 a tremendous event took place, with a great show of support for the World Serrada Escrima Federation & wonderful relationship with the Stars Family Event Center in Vacaville, Ca.  

With acknowledgement for the long history within the FMA in NorCal & in particular the California Dept. of Corrections, Honorary GM Certificates were awarded to GM Ray Novencido,  GM Woody Sims & Master Certificate to Master Toscano by Master Robert Langley on behalf of GM Davis & the WSEF.

Congratulations to all who presented seminar & demonstrations.  Great event.  It is wonderful to be able to host several events nationally with in weeks of each other & have great success.  This is great energy for the WSEF & Gateway Martial Arts Association event June 9 & 10, 2012.
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