Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Midwest Martial Arts Brotherhood 2012

Midwest Martial Arts Brotherhood Event

     An exceptional expression of Filipino Martial Arts Brotherhood was firmly entrenched at the Midwest Martial Arts Brotherhood Event held June 9 & 10, 2012 in the St. Louis, Mo. area.  Benefiting the Wounded Warriors Project as its primary purpose bound all of the participants and instructors by their patriotism. 

Mr. Eugene Nepangue, Mr. Joe Craig, Mr. Raul Marquez, Mr. Michael, Mr. John Malmo, Mr.
  Rick Lazo & Mr. Mike Schwarz

Mr. Nepangue presented the very fast close quarter techniques of the Teovel Balintawak system.  Mr. Nepangue presented the lifting & clearing drills as well as how to build from those techniques to remove holds, to disarm & the ability to counter immediately after the technique.  All participants had an exceptional grasp of the basic techniques by the end of the second day. 
Mr. Raul Marquez instructed in the blade based system of Kalis Ilustrisimo.  Mr. Marquez had the distinct honor to be a lifelong student of late GGM Antonio Ilustrisimo as well as the elders, the Vanguards & peers. 
The presentation seminar participants enjoyed the techniques of the Fundamentals of Kalis Ilustrisimo; the fighting stance, angles of attack, counters & basic drills.  Mr. Marquez’ presentation of the ‘Blade of Ilustrisimo’ was exceptional.

Mr. John Malmo represented the Kombatan system.  The knowledge that Mr. Malmo shares each time he presents the various systems within Kombatan are invaluable.  Mr. Malmo shared not only double & single stick technique, but also presented knife with empty hand translation to grappling technique as finishes.
Mr. Malmo has been kind enough to donate his valuable time at the inaugural event last year as well as this year’s event.  Mr. Malmo has been kind enough to volunteer his time for the upcoming event next year as well. 

Mr. Ricky Lazo was kind enough to come share his father GM Fred Lazo’s system of Luzviminda Arnis.  Mr. Lazo presented & displayed a tremendous amount of knowledge with double stick counters, followups & disarms.  Mr. Lazo’s calm and kind demeanor shown through with his patient instruction and his keen attention to details.  Mr. Lazo articulated the techniques of his family system with high proficiency.   Mr. Lazo spent a great deal of time under his father’s tutelage which shone through with each technique.
After GM Fred Lazo’s untimely passing, Mr. Ricky Lazo has continued to carry the torch as leader of the family system and Brotherhood as a whole. 
Mr. Lazo has graciously volunteered to appear at the upcoming event next year as well.

Most seminars are commonly featuring 1 or possibly 2 instructors sharing a weekend event.  There are seminars that frequently boast 4 to 6 hours of instruction.  The Midwest Martial Arts Brotherhood event benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project is a 2 day, 16 hour event with 4 world class instructors in the FMA.

It is truly remarkable to find 1 much less 4 world class instructors willing to dedicate their valuable time and experience to a charitable cause.  It’s fair to say that these are exceptional people in difficult economic times. 

Please remember out event each year and most importantly never forget our wounded veterans as well as fallen veterans.  Reach out to help make a difference for them whenever possible.

Midwest Martial Arts Brotherhood Seminar group supporting Wounded Warrior Project

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