Friday, June 28, 2013

The Indomitable Sprit by SGM*D*

About the Author
By SGM *D* 

The primary reasons as to why I became fanatically involved in the study of martial arts, is because of the superior level of self-imposed discipline, and the flawless physical mastery that can be obtained by the consistent practice of martial arts training. Down through the years that I have been studying, and applying the theosophical/scientific principles that underlies the different approaches to martial arts,

I have consistently been able to acquire more and more spiritual enlightenment, along with tranquility of mind. To witness a highly skilled master martial artist in close-quarter combative action, is to see physical poetry in motion. Martial arts is one of the most effective ways to synchronize, or to yoke the mind, body, and the Spirit into one harmonious workable whole. Whenever a true practitioner of martial arts can successfully combine these three unique levels of the mind into one harmonious unit, then one will have reached a superior state of mind known within Buddhist circles as, “Nirvana” or enlightenment.

When the state of consciousness known as “Nirvana” has effectively intertwined within the martial artist' total being, the initiate has now become one with the 'Universe'. By extracting certain fundamental universal principles from out of various seemingly different religious systems, I have successfully been able to apply these identical fundamental universal religious systems upon myself.
In turn, these universal effects stimulated me to be able to raise my level of consciousness to an even more sublime level of self-awareness.

Although an experienced, and a valid martial arts expert is highly recommended to have in order to receive a fundamental understanding about martial arts, it is not mandatory that an initiate must obtain one in order to be effectively taught.
For in truth, the best master teacher that an initiate can ever have, is oneself.

It is very possible for a person to be his own teacher, and to be his own student simultaneously. There is a master teacher that resides deep within each and everyone of us. How to awaken this inner master teacher, and how to learn from this inner master teacher is partly the sacred mission, and the golden goal of this book.