Friday, June 28, 2013

Foreward to Upcoming Release of Escrima Simplified by SGM *D*


The purpose of this book titled “Escrima Simplified/ A Fundamental Guide For Self-Defense” is to present to the reader a basic fundamental understanding about how one can apply simple self-defense tactics in an easy, and in an effective way if ever physically attacked. Regardless of your skill level, style, experience or previous training in the pugilistic weapon or empty hand arts,
Grand Master *D* thoughtfully, artfully and thoroughly guides you through this “beginner-to-expert” stick, knife and empty hand instructional book.

By extracting the pure essence of Filipino stick, knife and empty hand fighting , and combining it with his over {35} years of martial arts training, and teaching experience, which includes the arts of Kajukenbo, Tai Chi Chuan, Chinese Kempo, Thai Boxing, Western Boxing, Kali, and the art of Serrada Escrima as personally taught to him by the legendary stick/knife fighter 'Supreme Grand Master Guru' Angel Cabales, you are presented with an eclectic, modern day approach that will give you the decisive edge in the absolute art of streetwise self-defense.

Although knives and sticks are featured within the contents of this book, your bare hands, or any items on your person can be used in conjunction with the techniques presented and taught.
Key rings, pencils, umbrellas, rolled up newspapers, canes, pen knives, magazines, clippers, glasses, are all applicable for integrating into this “Escrima Simplified” home study book.

Those who have actually had the rare privilege of training under Grand Master *D* have personally discovered his simple, but yet profound approach to self-defense. During his younger years, Grand Master *D* engaged in numerous self-defense encounters, many of these skirmishes  were just (kumite) or sparring matches, others were actual life and death situations. The fact that he came out alive in every self-defense encounter thus far, is a testimonial of the effectiveness of his unique approach toward close-quarter combat.

Escrima Simplified/ A Fundamental Guide For Self-Defense, is not strictly based upon self-defense techniques alone, but also upon theories and concepts that were thoroughly developed, and well refined down through the years by Grand Master *D*himself. Having learned the rudimentary foundation stone of Filipino martial arts directly from his teacher 'Supreme Grand Master Guru Angel Cabales, Grand Master *D*was able to reshape many of his mentor's fighting theories and concepts into a more simplified method of applicable self-defense.

In the opinion of Grand Master *D*, enough Escrima can be learned in a very short period of time to give the average person a solid, and efficient self-defense background. Escrima techniques are extremely practical, but will extend only as far as one' mind will allow.

“What you learn today, you can use today”

GM *D*