Monday, July 25, 2011


Serrada Escrima is a specialized system of combat by which when thoroughly learned, practiced, and executed will bring upon almost super natural end results when it comes to combat efficiency.

In 1984, GM *D* began an intensive study of the art of the 'Cabales Serrada System of Escrima'. Prior to his private studies with the notorious SGM Angel Cabales, GM *D* had already possessed (12) years of martial arts combat experience. Additionally, GM *D* had already run a couple of commercial martial arts school's from 1971-to-1984, and with this background & keen experience he brought to the table another perspective & avenue by which Serrada Escrima would ultimately become a legendary art along with its Fil/Am founder, Angel Cabales.

The art of Serrada Escrima was never designed to be a sport, but for serious engagement in possible life & death encounters. SGM Angel Cabales himself had engaged in numerous life & death encounters, and this is why he knew about the true application, and the true effectiveness of his specialized system of knife & stick fighting.

(1984) SGM Angel Cabales becomes the Honorary Grand Master for GM *D*s FMA School
Because the inner aspects & intricacies of Serrada Escrima are on a highly advanced level, only those who are advanced in rank and have a sincere burning desire are eligible to participate in GM *D*s "Masters of Excellence Training Programs".

If you are a serious minded dedicated martial artists or layman in the arts, and you would like to receive specialized & close up private lessons from any of the 'World Serrada Escrima Federation' Master Graduate Guru's; then

Please feel free to send your inquiry to this site.
The WSEF's favorite motto is:
"What you learn today, You can use today".

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