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SERRADA - The Art & Style of GM Angel Cabales

*Supreme Grand Master Guru* Angel Cabales & GM *D*

On March 3, 1991, the legendary *Supreme Grand Master* Guru Angel Cabales passed away. One week prior to this happening, SGM Angel Cabales was to conduct a series of international 'Serrada Escrima' workshops that had been well planned out & orchestrated by way of Grand Master *D*. It was SGM Angel Cabales' and GM *D*s master brainchild plan to plant the seeds of the 'Cabales Serrada System of Escrima' into new fertile soil in various parts of Europe. Given SGM Angel Cabales' personal permission, and more importantly his blessings too, GM *D* flew to Germany on a shoe-string budget, and once there, he did indeed plant the seeds of the "Cabales Serrada System of Escrima" all across Europe.

(L-to-R) *Supreme Grand Master* Angel Cabales & Grand Master *D*

Today! in various countries all across Europe, the "Cabales Serrada System of Escrima" can be found being taught in countless martial arts schools.

In commemoration of 'Supreme Grand Master' Guru Angel Cabales' passing; one of his classic articles has been revised & reprinted.


STICKS OF DEATH 'The Art & Philosophy of Serrada Escrima"

There have been many notable martial artists throughout history, but few have reached the plateau of greatness that comes with the title of "Supreme Grand Master". The late Filipino pioneer, and founding father of 'Serrada Escrima' was one of these rare individuals.

While the mysteries of Filipino 'Stick/Knife' fighting were still shrouded in secrecy in the remote South Pacific archipelagos, Angel Cabales immigrated east to the United States of America in 1939. Here! he introduced his unique brand of self-defense, and became known as the "Father of Escrima in America". From then onward, scores of other martial arts celebrities began seeking SGM Angel Cabales out in order to study the secrets of his art form in a more close-up fashion.

Within the past several decades, countless martial artists worldwide have had the opportunity to train, and to discover the skills, wisdom, and the 'close-range' stick/knife fighting strategies of 'Serrada Escrima'.


Around 1984, GM *D* was approached in San Francisco, Ca. by CDC Retired Captain Ray Novencido at the late Kung Fu Star *GM Brendan Lai's Martial Arts Supply Shop*. GM *D* was at the shop to pick up more rattan sticks for his Bay Area Kali/Escrima group. Capt. Novencido happened to over hear GM *D* & GM Brendan Lai discussing the up & coming art of Escrima. Captain Novencido entered the conversation stating that he was a Correctional Officer stationed at San Quentin.

Additionally! Capt. Novencido stated that he was also the official weapons instructor at San Quentin, and at other state & government facilities in California. Capt. Novencido went on to expresse that he didn't really feel that the art

At this point, GM *D* invited Capt. Novencido to one of his Kali/Escrima classes. Present at the pre-arranged class were apprentice instructors Kavi Jones, Rob Castro, Malcolm Boutwell, Tony & Donald Dozier, Anna Marie, and several other students as well. Capt. Novencido observed the class intently! However one could still see the skepticism upon Capt. Novencido's face. of Escrima was all that effective.

Suddenly GM *D* called Capt. Novencido out on the floor."Throw your best weapons strike at me, and strike at me as hard as you can". A cynical twinkle developed in the Captains eye's as he asked "Are you sure"..."Yea go Ahead & do your thing" stated GM *D*.

With his 'tonfa' in hand, Capt. Novencido swung his weapon with all of his might at GM *D*s waistline. GM *D* simply helped to pass the 'tonfa' strike through his body, and then he unleashed a vicious downward strike with his rattan stick right on top of Capt. Novencido's right hand.

Instant pain developed all over Capt. Novencido's face, as his (tonfa) weapon flew in one direction, and his right hand flew in the other direction. From this point forward GM *D* in concert with Captain Novencido, and GM Angel Cabales introduced & established the first Serrada Escrima programs within the 'California Department of Corrections'.


In 1966, in Stockton, California Angel Cabales in conjunction with his best friend Max Sarmiento, officially opened the doors to the 'Cabales Serrada Escrima Academy' to the general public. From then onward, scores of other martial arts celebrities began seeking SGM Angel Cabales out in order to study the secrets of his art form in a more close-up fashion.

Guru Dan Inosanto, a close friend, and former student of the 'Cabales Serrada Escrima Academy'/instructor of the legendary Bruce Lee, was persuaded by one of his first teachers "American Kenpo Karate" founder 'Great Grand Professor' Ed Parker, to take a profound interest in the area of Filipino martial arts.

Inosanto's interest in his native cultural martial arts methods, ultimately led him to one of Escrima's most deadliest exponents in the field of 'Stick & Knife fighting'..*Supreme Grand Master* Angel Cabales. Other top-notch master's that sought out SGM Angel Cabales' personalized tutelage are, Maha Gura Graciela Casillas, Maha Guru Ted Lucaylucay, and Grand Professor Leo T. Fong.

Guru Dan Inosanto & 'Fan' 1983

(L-to-R) GM Jaime Tacosa, Maha Gura Graciela Casillas, GM Cliff Stewart, SGM Angel Cabales,

Grand Prof. Wally Jay (center) GM *D*/1987

SGM Angel Cabales was one of the first Filipino martial arts masters to teach 'Escrima' outside of his own race. Cabales believed that anyone had the right to learn how to effectively defend themselves in times of danger. One of SGM Cabales' special joys was working with young people. Though old in years, Cabales was very young at heart. The times that SGM Angel Cabales appeared to be the happiest, was when he was able to educate someone else that was already a skilled martial artist about the underlying fundamental principles that had formulated the basis for his art. Often people walked away amazed at what this small (120) lbs.

Filipino man could do with a stick, knife or with his bare hands.

(5th. from Right) is Grand Master Richard Bustillo/ GM *D* is 3rd. from the Left

GM Richard S. Bustillo is one of the foremost "Kali/Jeet Kune Do/Escrimador's" worldwide. In the early 1970's, GM Bustillo along with his senior instructor Guro Dan Inosanto, began intently studying the art of "Cabales Serrada Escrima" directly from SGM Angel Cabales.

Ultimately! after receiving there "Advanced Serrada Escrima Degree's" from SGM Angel Cabales, they both went on to become famous within their own respective rights within the world of Filipino martial arts.

Present at many of Inosanto's & Bustillo's private classes held in Stockton, California, with SGM Angel Cabales, was the legendary Grand Professor LeoT. Fong.

In 2007, in Southern, Germany, GM Richard S. Bustillo presented GM *D* with an authentic 'Jeet Kune Do' gold medal on behalf of promoting himself along with Guro Dan Inosanto, stemming back to 1980. GM Bustillo gave GM *D* exclusive credit for being the first martial arts promoter to host a "Jeet Kune Do/Kali" seminar in the mid-west.

(L-to-R) SGM Angel Cabales & GM *D*

A merchant marine, a body guard, a special police officer in Manila, to the fishing camps of Alaska, SGM Angel Cabales spent the greater portion of his life perfecting his art form in some of the meanest streets, and seaports in the world.

(l-to-r) World Serrada Escrima Federation Co-Founder/ Grand Professor Leo T. Fong-

GM *D* (center) Shakes Hands With the late Maha Guru Ted Lucaylucay
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