Wednesday, December 21, 2016

GM Angel Cabales teaching

 The 12 Deadly Strikes Of Serrada Escrima
    Great Grand Master Angel Cabales &
           His Protege GM Sultan Uddin

In 1987, at the "White Tiger Kenpo Karate School" located in Oakland, California, Great Grand Master Angel Cabales, presented one of his last historical seminars. The promoter, host & commentator at this particular seminar event was then, Guru SGMD.

In conjunction with one of his former Master Graduate students by the name of Jeff Finder, and his Kenpo Karate instructor Al Thomas, SGMD promoted & hosted the legendary GGM Angel Cabales at the "White Tiger" martial arts venue.

                        GM Angel Cabales
                         Teaches outside #1
                       GM Angel Cabales
                        Teaches inside #1

                       GM Angel Cabales
                     Teaches empty hand

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