Thursday, January 14, 2016

Philippine Maharlika Kuntaw Association by Brian "Buzz" Smith

Some of you may have read the articles posted about the formation of the PMKA in the Philippines ( FMA Informative issues 124, 134,137} this is an update. In July of 2015 I returned to the Philippines and started forming contracts with Barangay offices, Public schools,National High Schools, Philippine National Police stations and some security companies to get a strong footing to start with. Several people met with me and we formulated a plan. Unfortunateliy the plan was not set in motion before my visa ran out. So, we regrouped. On my return in September GM Tony Villareal offered to help expedite the filing of sec numbers with the Philippine Securities and exchange commission. I gave him 2000 peso to start the process. I had to go to Manila to file for a visa extension and was delayed by navigational failures on our air craft and missed my connection to get to the Sept meeting. So, I bought another ticket and made a direct flight to Naga to get to the meeting. This is where everything went south.
Since I had to pay 13000 peso for the extension, 300.00 for the filing, 200.00 for the ID and the extra plane ticket of over 4200 peso, I did not have much money left when I got to the meeting. Someone at the meeting was upset that I could not readily finance everything so they dropped me from the filing. At this point several or the people I invited to join the PMKA decided it would be better if they just created their own PMKA.
Problem is, I we already had a constitution/by-laws I had already paid for patches, uniforms, T shirts stationery, Business cards, Banners and Tarpulin, as well as set up a web page, phone account,VISA account and had registered with many FMA groups in the USA. I had also contracted for several companies to fabricate training gear with the PMKA logo. There were also 9 groups of FMA practitioners already wearing the PMKA logo and had certificates made for their groups under PMKA. There is also a series of training manuals contracted for unter the PMKA title. When confronted with these facts I was told that I no longer was included in the PMKA Plans and “ Mr Smith, you should choose your Filipino friends more wisely” I have documented everything and have gotten statements from the people who were there at the second meeting .
If you should happen to see someone claiming to “OWN” the PMKA and I am not in the picture, then you will know who these people are. I have photos from July where I gave PMKA t shirts to these people as they agreed to belong. They can take me to court saying that they alone have the right to the PMKA because they paid for the registry, but if we are in court the Judge will be able to see through the fog and see that several individuals have cheated to take what they did not form and establish. If they win and they get the PMKA identity, they will assume all liabilities of the PMKA which includes the bills and contracts that were signed with the names of these people on the stationery.
Needless to say this will get interesting. But, I have faith that my FMA friends will see thru the fog and call these people on their treachery.
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