Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Elevate Your Thoughts And Rise" A Personal Journey

Recently, Turkish WSEF Master Guru Mustafa Gunaydin, made a special pilgrimage from his homeland country Turkey to America, in order to pay homage to his "D/C Serrada System of Escrima" roots. As far back as 1999, Master Guru Gunaydin first began his Serrada Escrima training under "D/C Serrada Escrima" Grand Master Guru Mustafa Bugur. GM Bugur began his formal Escrima training in 1990, and studied under the legendary Guru SGMD, in Berlin, Germany. In turn, GM Bugur passed his Escrma knowledge onward to his fellow countrymen in Turkey. For his meritorious, and well earned lfifteen years of labor within the field of keeping the legacies of Great Grandmaster Angel Cabales, and his mentors' teacher SGMD alive in the country of Turkey;
Master Guru Mustafa Gunaydin is hereby awarded the "WSEF Honorary 6th. Degree Grand Master's Guru Award."


From All Members of The WSEF
Grand Master Guru Mike Schwarz/President/ World Serrada Escrima Federation

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