Sunday, October 12, 2014

GM Tasi Alo Recognized by Angel's Disciples

It is always a great privilige, and a grand honor for the WSEF to
acknowledge monumental achievements, especially when those
achievements are accomplished by martial artists/ senior citizens who
have strived hard to obtain levels of excellence that may at first
appear to be impossible for them to accomplish at an older age.
Recently, GM Tasi Alo passed an extensive Serrada Escrima 'six number'
exam, that was formally administered by Angel's Disciples co-founder,
Grand Master Guru Darren Tibon. GM Alo, along with two other
distinguished martial artist's, Professor James Hundon, a top Small
Circle Jiu Jitsu instructor, who originally trained under the late
legendary Professor Wally Jay, and ???, all received there Diploma
Degrees under the Angel Disciple's Serrada Escrima Methdology
close-quarter combat system. 'CONGRATULATIONSGENTLEMEN'
All of the WSEF Staff & WSEF Menbership Salutes You