Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Happy Marriage by GM Ron Saturno

"Master Saturno: When do you feel that you're doing your most effective training?", he asked. 'He' is a guy standing next to me at a recent seminar that seemed to have a knack for asking the right questions. I quickly replied to him, "When I perform the solemn duty of a priest". "When I can marry my art with a mans Reptilian Half...then I will have done my job", I then said. "My job is to bring the two of them into holy wedded matrimony", I then said. A man learns best when he is challenged and in a nurturing environment. He learns quite well when his learning process is done in a story. All kinds of brain chemicals get released when a man is 'stimulated' in the process of his learning. Some of those chemicals get us euphoric: They get us high. This is why we love our Senseis. He's kept us high. We love, respect and appreciate him very much for this. It's a good high. Its legal and healthy to get high with our martial arts. We're hooked many times on brain chemicals that mimic morphine. You've never wondered why you find it so stimulating to attend class? Those hard fought Kumite, Rendori, Stick Sparring and rough play workouts in class have made many a martial artist an addict. Black Belt? You're a drug addict. I'm a dopamine addict my damn self. We in the martial arts are addicted to the rush of fast feet, fast hands, fast weapons, challenges and extreme focus. Throwing the dice and taking chances is also an important part of most mens very makeup. Dodging hands, feet, sticks and knives is another form of gambling. You are betting that you can hit them, before they can hit you. Martial Arts 'can' provide a stable, sure and meaningful way for us to enjoy our many vices. We like to gamble, we like or drugs, we like like to hang out with our Reptilian selves: Martial artists are Biker's in GI's! OK! I've gone too far....but, martial arts 'are' best done by a man in his reptile costume and practicing the dirtier version of his respective art. There I've said it. Martial does imply the military. The military doesn't train their G.I's to cuddle, "They train them to put you in a bloody puddle." The mental focus, time-in and dedication that it takes us to achieve competence in the martial arts is enormous. But if the man or woman who has achieved martial arts competence hasn't 'yet' gotten married to their Reptilian Half: They are still 'not' fully functioning martial artists. In order for us to survive under the very worst of conditions, we can't survive for very long alone. We 'need' a partner. We 'need' to have a 'mate' that will have our back: We need to get married and quickly, when we find ourselves in dire circumstances. We will 'need' to quickly marry our reptilian half. I cannot deny the fact that even when I teach the basics I am desensitizing my students about hitting another human being. Me personally? I don't give much of a shit any more about hitting another human being, other than if I can hit someone under extreme pressure and duress. My playing now days is mostly cerebral, but I do love my martial arts in its many forms. Now days my focus is primarily upon teaching a student to prevent a fight. My secondary focus is to teach them how to quickly recognize a threat that could lead to a fight. My least focus is upon teaching fighting. After a while of training with me I teach through story. Activating the 'mind' of a student is a sheer joy. I teach students how to gamble. I help them become drug addicted. I get them married. I keep them away from home and send them home bruised and tired, I guess that I am a bad man, but they wouldn't have it any other way

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