Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Endless Journey

In essence: peacefull non violent marches. demostrations. Sit-ins, along with several effective boycotts which resulted in equal rights in all arenas of
The Endless Journey                       
    Recently in Atlanta, Georgia- Extrodinare martial arts expert/actor Gradmaster Michael Dee made a special pilgrimidge from his martial arts headquarters out of Cleveland, Ohio, in order to pay special homage, and respect at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Natiomal Historic Site.

 Grandmaster Dee is a national/ international martial artist with well over 35 years of actual training, and teaching experience within the illustrious field of martial arts. the various combat arts that he has intently studied and mastered are, Kajukenbo, Chinese Kempo Karate, Western Boxing, Muay Thai Boxing, and the ancient Egyptian/Asian martial arts known today as Kali and Escrima.

 In similarity to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Grandmaster Dee' combative spiritual training was influenced by a humble man from the far away east. In the case of Martin Luther King, Jr. it was the legendary Mahatma Ghandi that inspired Dr. King, Jr. to instrumentate and to execute the universal concept, and law of civil disobedience.