Friday, October 11, 2013

Espada y daga. The capstone of Escrima mastery by Ron Saturno

Espada y daga. The capstone of Escrima mastery. Blade and dagger to the less informed. In Serrada Escrima we defend against the blade and dagger with just our sword. If you have never faced an Escrimador with good espada y daga skills, you have no idea what you've missed. You have not been under the pressure of having an almost simultaneous two sided attack. You have not had a pesky dagger cutting your arms and hands while you are dealing with the sword. A hand check is now lethal when they have a dagger in their hand. Blades seem to come at you from out of no where and at the wierdest times and angles. Sometimes you only feel the blade and never know how you got hit. Espada y daga makes you feel like a girl on her first date with a sixteen year old boy. Your are constantly getting touched, because they want you to lay down right away. I am always tickled at the comments that I get by other Escrimador's outside of my system regarding the Espada y daga footwork of Serrada Escrima. They watch our feet and marvel at the switch stepping. They want to know why we do what we do, when we do Espada y Daga. Historically Serrada is an Espada y Daga art. Our system is based upon Espada y Daga. Angel Cabales taught our system as a dueling system. Our system was designed to fight other good Escrimador's. Many Filipino system's were originally 3 or 5 strike systems and that is all that they needed. Our system is a 12 angle of attack system. Angel Cabales prepared us for any attack under the harshest conditions. Espada y daga was the principle way that he prepared us for battle. Serrada Escrima is a complex system and it takes many years to really understand and especially Espada y Daga. It should be taught one on one to a student. My system cannot be taught properly in a group setting. Many people misunderstand my complaints about needing student's. I could give a shit about teaching numbers of student's. I want 2-4 devoted students at all times to really teach the old ways to. Most students cannot survive my teaching methods. I am not harsh or cruel. I simply demand excellence and it is hard to find this type of student. I don't want to hear too many excuses. I only want to help make you the best that you can be. I'll do my damndest to help make you one bad mother fucker. Many people talk the talk, but just can't walk the walk. Pussies need not apply. The whole basic concept of "basic" Serrada Espada y daga is to put you in the lion's den. You square up with your training partner. He has a blade and dagger and you just have a blade. He comes at you from both sides and you must defend against his blows. It requires that you constantly switch your foot work, without changing the distance between you and your deliverer. Keeping the proper distance insures that neither training partner gets hit. It also makes the reciever feel extreme pressure, because he has to remain in front and center of his deliverer. It is a bad place to be. Remaining inside is dangerous when facing a double bladed attack. This is basic Espada y Daga. In real life you want to go outside as soon as possible, but we train our student's to be able to survive front and center long enough to get outside. Espada y Daga can grow from there. Both men holding blade and dagger? A knife against a blade and dagger? Hands alone against blade and dagger? I've done all of it. I must tell you that going against a good blade and dagger man is lunacy with just your hands. I have had really good goose sized eggs put on my skull for trying it. But I am a nut. But, I believe that this type of training can really increase someone's abilities as Escrimador's. Would I try it in real life? In a word "yes", if I had to. I might at least be able to poke your eye out and make you walk around the rest of your life a one eyed cock-sucker. I just wanted to explain the foot work of basic Serrada Espada y Daga. I watch the video of Serrada on Youtube and wondered if most people understood what we were doing. We do not ever see advanced Serrada Escrima Espada y Daga on Youtube. I really don't know why? But, what the hell. I don't put any up myself. Maybe some things should stay in house.