Monday, August 26, 2013

Master Ron Saturno Gives Back to the Veteran Community

My honey worked Saturday morning and there was someone who needed to be trained. It was a perfect opportunity to ask a former soldier to meet me for training. The necessary connections were made and at around 09:30 hours on Saturday morning we met and began training. The trainee was a former member of several U.S. Army Airborne units. He was wounded in time of battle and generally worn down by repeated jumps. I began his training with classical Serrada Outside number 1. He was asked to begin practicing the movement set and meet up with me again on Wednesday of this week. He is now forced retired and was referred to me by Master Michael Schwartz of the Wounded Warrior Project. I'll train this man for free and hope that I can find ways to work around his disabilities and allow him to be able to fully make an account of himself in a time of need. I hope to give back to my country, my teacher and my system of martial arts. I showed him a variety of fixed position combat techniques that require little movement and that are quite capable of being used for self defense. I seldom show these techniques in public, because they appear non-nonsensical to the untrained eye and would only make me available for public derision. I showed him Mano Viejo techniques that are based upon right-eye manipulation and the drawing and pushing of an opponent by breath control and mental focus. We are talking about pamako and tagabalag, or the freezing of a person and the art of invisibility. Freezing and the art of invisibility are ancient Filipino martial techniques that are shrouded in time and seldom seen by most modern practitioner's of Filipino martial Arts. I am a baby in these techniques and I am stumbling along the path of learning. I have nobody to train me any further. I froze my student a few times, drew him too me effortlessly, controlled him by mental focus, breathing and relaxation. Whatever else that I do and how I do it, is beyond me. I have no idea where all of this leads, but my hope and desire is that it just gets better. I will say that pamako and tagabalog are nothing what I thought they would be. It is about a clear mind and not having a desire to harm someone, it is about no desire. If they do not attempt to harm you, than without their commitment, the techniques won't work. They will harm themselves by their own devices. It is about a cleansed mind with a blank slate of any intent. You simply allow something to happen. You cannot have any desire to harm, maim, break, dislocate, nor destroy. You simply open yourself up and let the energy which permeates all things, do what needs to be done. I honestly believe that using such energy for harm would be harmful to the person attempting to use it in a wrong way. That's it. I suppose that you could use the techniques in a wrong way, but I wouldn't know how to do this. I have found "a" way and will simply follow along to wherever it wishes to take me. This is why I really don't show much in public. I feel myself keying up and worry about harming my student in public, because of forcing the techniques, remember, it works "for me" when I simply let everything happen. When my student and I are alone we both can relax and just flow. I don't need to show particular techniques, or worry about displaying my art in a gracious fashion to the public, because I represent Angel Cabales. Angel Cabales exposed me to these things many years ago when he showed something to me when Jimmy Tacosa was visiting. He asked me to block a technique and I repeatedly attempted to block his hit and he just wasn't there and the next thing I knew he had placed his weapon on my shoulder and I had no idea how he had accomplished this. He had frozen me and had also disappeared. I quit Escrima that day, because I knew that I would have been effortlessly killed by him and I also knew that I would have to discover what he did on my own. Hell, if you don't know what was done to you, "How the hell was I going to able to figure it out alone". Can I eventually teach these techniques to another human being? I don't know, but hopefully I can. Apparently, you have to humble yourself before you can be able to use the techniques that I speak of. The manipulation of energies could be immense. You can lock someone's skeleton and cause great harm with minimum effort. Once, when training wit Bob Stewart and Anthony Lo Presti I grabbed a hold of Anthony and we both felt a great deal of energy. I knew that had I continued my throwing technique: I felt tat I could have thrown Anthony 20 feet away without effort. I had focused my mind upon his wrists and when I started moving, it was as if he was being tugged by a hugely powerful machine. I wish that I had full control of these techniques. It's like reading the old accounts of past martial artists. A wounded warrior in possession of these abilities would have little problem, in defending themselves. Even if I can't Master these techniques, or not be able to teach this to a wounded warrior: I will do my best to do so. I can only hope that he stays with me and becomes an accomplished warrior, it is a fond hope.