Sunday, April 7, 2013

WSEF Regional Director NorCal

To all concerned,
It is a distinct honor and privilege that I, GM Guro Michael Schwarz, President of the WSEF, in conjunction with SGM *D* award Master Cedric Campbell with the position of NorCal Regional Director position in the WSEF.

Master Campbell has shown honor and distinction in his representation with his continued support of the WSEF.   Master Campbell being a man of integrity and character makes the WSEF a stronger organization through all his efforts.  The WSEF is very proud to have Master Campbell as a member and representative.

Going forward we authorize Master Campbell to organize events, seminars and to develop further expansion in the NorCal Region.  I personally look forward to working with Master Campbell in the future on all levels.

The WSEF salutes Master Campbell for his continued work and collaborative efforts in NorCal Region.

GM Guro Michael Schwarz
President of the WSEF      

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