Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Physician Heal Thyself "

"Physician Heal Thyself "

By SGM *D*

Back around 1989, prior to my scheduled arrival in Berlin, Germany,
I was hit by a drunken driver. The car seemed to come from out of nowhere.
Smash & Crash was all I heard & felt. Thinking I was superman,

I tried to shield my older brother with
me in the car from the hard impact that had hit me on the drivers side.
Well needless to say, in the aftermath, my left shoulder &
collar bone were completely seriously injured & dislocated.

At any rate that accident caused me extreme anguish & much painful suffering.
I cried everyday because I was due to begin a new international
adventure on behalf of SGGM Angel Cabales & the Serrada System of
Escrima by relocating to Germany.

I really felt that my martial arts career was completely over.
I became so darkly depressed, and my body......
became as skinny as a tooth pick. Then it hit me, what was the point
in learning & teaching external & internal martial arts if I wasn't even able to
use them for aiding in self-healing. My whole system of martial arts is
based upon the ancient Egyptian Mystery System concept of;
"Man Heal Thyself ".

So I started out with accupuncture therapy & little moxy
bottle treatments administered by one of my Master graduate
instructor's Roberto Guadamuz. These treatments aided me tremendously
in my healing process. Next, I went to visit my Wu Shing Tai Chi
teacher, the late Great Professor John K. Wong.

After administering a thorough physical examination upon me,
Prof. Wong concluded that my internal positive & negative magnetic poles were in reverse,
causing much of my distress, and the strange phenomena that I had been experiencing.
Discovering this confliction of energies that were causing internal
distress in my body, the Professor waived his hands all around my
body, and in an instance, I automatically began to feel much better.
Within three days after this treatment, I started running on a local track,

curling light iron weights, practising my Escrima moves, and taking special
trips to Manong Angel Cabales' home in Stockton, California, etc.

Within 90-days later, I had completely rebuilt my body back into the epitome of health.
On top of that, Professor Wong awarded me a Black Instructors Sash within his
Wu Shing Tai Chi system of martial arts.

To really top things off, SGGM Angel Cabales awarded me an
"Advanced Serrada Escrima Degree", along with endless amounts of his
Masters Serrada Escrima training within his method of stick/knife fighting.

Shortly after all of these special events had taken place, I found myself on
an international airline headed for Berlin, Germany. In essence, we
can utilize our various martial arts skills & crafts for self-healing
purposes, as well as for "Self-Defense" purposes also.

"Physician Heal Thy Self "
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