Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Interview with SM Bilal Erbatan

SM Guro Bilal Erbatan
What drew you into the martial arts & when?


-The necessity in that time period, the location and the living conditions drew me into martial arts.  


From your 1st combat arts instructor forward please give in order the instructor, the system, what rank achieved, how long you spent in each system, what influenced you the most about the systems, which systems influenced you the most, how did you meet each instructor of the systems & if any of the lessons do you still carry with you in your teaching methods?


-I trained in FMA Serrada Escrima as a single system. My master was Mustafa Günaydın. Since 2007 I have been teaching the system. I try to develop different interpretations in disarm-techniques.


-Natural reflexes, focusing, balance, reaction and velocity seem to me most impressive in the Serrada Escrima System.


-Master Mustafa Günaydın is also my uncle. Therefore, there has been easiness and some difficulties at the same time.


-Master Günaydın gave special importance to the technical knowledge and hardness.


What do you feel were the most impressive skills for each of your instructors?


-Disarm techniques. Cadana de mano.


What do you feel are the qualities that make the Filipino Martial Arts special & what qualities of each art you teach makes them special to you?


-The abilities I gained and the change in my students, the courage they won. 


What are the concepts and combat principals of each art that you teach?


-I continue with the Serrada Escrima and the discipline I gained in different martial arts. I always attend trainings.


What types of weapons do each art use that you teach?


-My program is based on stick (solo) and knife, mostly. Bolo, barong, kris, kampilan, binangon, pinah, karambit, balisong and kukris in different sizes are the tools, that we use. 

Please describe the "drills" of each system you teach & what are the benefits?


-As an instructor using a single system, I could say, Serada Escrima has a rich source for training. I also prefer rotation system. First month stick fighting, another month baraw, cadane de mano etc.. 


As you progressed as a student & teacher, have you found your knowledge of other systems a benefit to you? Have you been able to build on skills you learned from other systems?


Do you feel that after a student has learned Serrada Escrima or any FMA is it natural for them to eventually adapt & evolve into their own requirements, etc.?




Can the concepts and principles of FMA, in your opinion become valid & applicable for those interested in contemporary self defense training?


Please tell us about your organization, it's goals & where you see yourself & your organization over the next 10 yrs.


-Turkey became familiar with the Fma in 1990’s. In the last 2 years, we made it possible with the team spirit a well-known art in Turkey. We, the Turks have a warrior spirit.


For anyone interested in seminar or lessons how would they contact you?




Thank you for your time & the valuable information.

SM Guro Bilal Erbatan w/students

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