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           About GM David Foggie
Submitted by GM Anthony Davis

GM David Foggie with GM Nilo Limpin
Through my masters, martial arts have taught me determination, strength of character, loyalty, and to pass on these teachings will honestly and integrity. These were the words of Supreme Grand Master Roland Dantes, a wolrd renowned Master of Filipino Martial Arts who passed away after a long illness in March, 2009.  
Despite being a former bodybuilding champion, and a major Filipino film star, SGM Roland Dantes gained the respect and the acquaintance of the Philippines top martial arts masters.

SGM Roland Dantes and GM David Foggie

SGM Dantes lived a quiet life in Australia, teaching a few dedicated students.  Master Sifu David Foggie is one of SGM Roland Dantes' primary private graduate students, friend, confidant, personal body guard and close companion of SGM Dantes, even until his death & after his death as well.

Beginning as far back as 1985, as a young teenager, Sifu Foggie discovered an article about Filipino martial arts.. The article was published in the 1985 Special Exotic Weapons Edition of "Official Karate Magazine" featuring an extensive cover story about DC/Serrada Escrima extraordinaire Grand Master *D* along with his private Serrada Escrima teacher WSEF Supreme Grand Master Angel Cabales. 

Totally fascinated by the cover story he had extensively read over and over, he finally contacted this intriguing master of Filipino Martial Arts in the USA, and expressed to him his deepest desire to study under his tutelage.  Thereafter and throughout a process of many years with countless receipt of correspondence letters from GM *D*, Sifu Foggie was highly recommended to secure SGM Roland Dantes as his personal trainer.  That was twenty seven years ago.

GM Vic Sanchez with GM David Foggie

The rest of the story is now written in the archives of Filipino Martial Arts history. Today SGM Roland Dantes' successor, David Foggie is indeed recognized as one of the FMA's finest weapons masters worldwide.

David Foggie's total dedication to his late teacher SGM Roland Dantes, and his fire & zeal to continue in his Masters' footsteps warrants him to now be awarded the WSEF Honorary Grand Masters Award.  Additionally!  GM David Foggie will also head the WSEF Austalian/South East Asian Foreign Affairs Division headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

CONGRATULATIONS! GM David Foggie from all of the WSEF

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