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The Endless Journey by Grandmaster Anthony Davis

Supreme Grand Master Angel Cabales Exclusive Interview

(l-t0-r) SGM Angel Cabales & Grand Master *D*
Grandmaster *D* has over {30} + years of actual training in the field of martial arts. The combat arts that he has studied includes Kajukenbo, Chinese Kempo, Thai Boxing, Tai Chi Chuan, Western Boxing, Kali and the fine art of *Serrada Escrima* as personally taught to him by the late
*Supreme Grand Master Guru Angel O. Cabales*.

GM *D* Always Looks to be in tip top shape
Regardless of your skill level, style, experience or previous training in the pugilistic weapon or “empty-hand” arts…Grandmaster *D* thoughtfully, and thoroughly guides, and personally teaches you this “beginner to expert” stick-knife and empty-hand training program. The time worn notion that all students must train for 3, 6 or even 10 yrs. is a misnomer, and, is a thing of the past.

By extracting the essence of Serrada Escrima and combining it with his over {30}+ years of martial arts expertise…You are presented with an “eclectic” modern day style that will give you the decisive edge in the absolute art of streetwise combat. With Grandmaster *D* “It’s all about superior quality of service”.
Serrada Escrima is not only based upon technique, but also, on theories, and concepts that were developed and refined throughout many years by SGM Angel Cabales himself.

SGM Angel Cabales learned the rudimentary foundation of the Filipino art of escrima from his mentor, 'Dequerdas' SGM Felicisimo Dizon.

GM *D* began studying Serrada Escrima in 1984 in Stockton, California. With several years of genuine combat experience already underneath his belt, GM *D* knew that after having witnessed SGM Angel Cabales in actual combat action he was indeed a genuine weapons master.

(l-to-r) The Late Great Prof. Gilbert Tenio teams up with SGM Angel Cabales at GM *D*s 1984, *Classic Cabales Serrada System of Escrima Seminar* in San Francisco, Ca.
SGM Angel Cabales once said to GM *D* that his intentions were not to inflict upon him his particular style of martial arts; but rather to demonstrate & to teach him some effective tactics that he could use to make his 'own' style of martial arts even more applicable & even more effective.
SGM Angel Cabales also said to GM *D*, "Any student whose primary focus is to be a carbon copy of his teacher is doing themselves a great disservice. No one can be exactly like the teacher and still retain their own personal identity."
In essence, the 'Cabales Serrada System of Escrima' was designed as a method of personal self-discovery & for self-transformation of the soul. In this hands-on learning system, SGM Cabales called the highest level of martial arts attainment " presence of mind " or "spontaneous intelligent reaction". Around 1986-87, GM *D* arranged & introduced GM Gura Graciela Casillas to SGM Angel Cabales where she began her transformative stages of training within the field of Cabales Serrada Escrima

Around 1986-87, GM *D* arranged & introduced GM Gura Graciela Casillas to SGM Angel Cabales where she began her transformative stages of training within the field of Cabales Serrada Escrima
"When a person is seriously engaged in close-quarter combat, there is no time for thinking, feeling, choosing or judging what is occurring from moment-to-moment", SGM Angel Cabales

Here's how SGM Angel Cabales put it:

On June 3, 1990, GM *D* traveled to SGM Angel Cabales' home in order to conduct a very special interview on him. Although GM *D* had spoken to SGM Cabales many times about his style of fighting, he was always reluctant to ask him about his death matches. SGM Angel Cabales told GM *D* that escrima death matches were an integral part of the ancient warrior code & traditions of the Philippines.
" To willfully test one's skills in an actual match to the death is the ultimate test of true fighting skill and indomitable courage". SGM Angel Cabales

SGM Angel Cabales added, " Whenever you are engaged in mortal combat you must forget about all of the antics of your opponent. One must not worry about things like how big or strong or how great your opponent's reputation or image is. One must remain calm & cool, but as alert as possible and strike the enemy down with certainty, accuracy, and with overwhelming pinpointed, and strategic execution of overriding power."

SGM Angel Cabales insisted that in order to survive in any life or death encounter, you must bypass all negative and positive conflictualities. Any type of conflictuality constricts the natural flow or " presence of mind of a person."

Freezing in the midst of a life or death encounter can be very fatal. It is only in a natural state of mind that one can effectively defend himself against myriad of attacks.

SGM Angel Cabales taught GM *D* that obtaining high levels of rank or degrees should never be the primary focus of a martial arts aspirant. Instead, a practitioner should focus upon the fundamentals & upon the metaphysical ingredients that lie behind all external formulas for combat fighting.

According to SGM Angel Cabales, no level of rank could ever equate with the raw courage and skill that is latent within the hearts, bodies,

and the minds of every human being. A real warrior works from a position of practicality, and begins the process of becoming a master craftsman by using whatever personality & circumstances he/she is in at the time.

To SGM Angel Cabales, befriending and assisting a person with the elevation of their mind was his greatest and highest achievement award within his lifetime. The 'Cabales Serrada System of Escrima' was designed for thinkers, and for all those who are seeking a supreme martial arts type of lifestyle.

The art of Serrada Escrima as developed by SGM Angel Cabales entails many aspects of the art of combat.

"In order to make my art of Serrada Escrima serve the present time, we only have to assemble or reassemble my art into its fullest dimensions scientifically, and then my students have to bring to life my art of Serrada Escrima, and then make it there own." SGM Angel Cabales

Supreme Grand Master Guru Angel O. Cabales

SGM Angel Cabales stated that his style of fighting could not fail him in any combative encounter. In SGM Angel Cabales' mind his art could never fail him because he always thought in a completely positivist way when it came to close-quarter-combat-fighting. SGM Angel Cabales was not afraid to engage in actual hand-to-hand or weapon-to-weapon encounters.
The Serrada System of Escrima as taught by SGM Angel Cabales was very people oriented. SGM Cabales was not only the first escrimador master to open a commercial escrima academy in America, but also! like the legendary Bruce Lee; he was amongst one of the first Filipino masters to teach outside of his race.

A good example of this are the top three African American master graduate students that Cabales personally taught escrima to; Professor Sultan Uddin, Master Guru Jerry Preciado, and Grand Master *D*.

(l-to-r) GM Jim Mather, SGM Angel Cabales,Grand Master *D* & Professor *Sultan Uddin*

(l-to-r) Co-Founder of 'Angel's Disciples' Serrada Escrima Master/ Jerry Preciado & Grand Master *D*

Finally, Angel Cabales believed in the eternal goodness of man.

Even when the usurers were closing in on him, he still had faith in his;

'Serrada System of Escrima'. After more than {27} years of practicing and promoting the Serrada Escrima System of martial arts worldwide; GM *D* still continues to discover hidden clues & further meaning that has unearthed some of the deepest secrets of the

"Angel Cabales Serrada System of Escrima".
It's these energy-releasing secrets that continue to propel GM *D*

upon an " Endless Journey " of self-discovery & further development within the area of close quarter combat.

In an interview in early 1990, just prior to SGM Angel Cabales' death,

GM *D* asked the 'Supreme Grand Master' who he felt his top Serrada Escrima student(s) were; In a proud voice he said;
"All of my students are top students"

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