Monday, March 7, 2011

Recognition from Phillippines for GM D

Dear Grandmaster "D",
Thank you for your kind words and remarks. Coming from you whom we consider as among the legends in the field of kali/escrima, I am most honored. I have browsed through your videos and photos and I would say with all sincerity that you are among the more privilege few people in this world who have personally trained with the masters in the art of kali/escrima. That is an honor uniquely bestowed to you, that even us Filipinos did not have the opportunity and the occasion to benefit. Many have desired to train with the great masters but were not given the privilege to do so. I have also read through your blogs as well and I hold you in highest respect for your principles.
In my humble profession as the Chief for Legislation in the Senate Committee on Games, Amusement and Sports, in the Senate of the Republic of the Philippines, I had the unique privilege of drafting a bill which mandated "Arnis" to be the National Sports in the country. Said bill was passed into law and is now institutionalized in our country. This probably is my humble contribution to the propagation of the art of arnis/escrima/kali throughout the world.
I am really honored to have received a mesage from you Sir. Keep the fire burning!!!
With my highest respect,
Jessie R. Rocales
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