Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Release of the GM "D" & the WSEF Banquet of the Masters

'Banquet of the Masters' is a spectacular video-film production,
that promises to deliver historical impact, and unique glimpses
into some of the most monumental minds within the world
of martial arts. Such names include the famous Professor
Wally Jay, the creator & the founder of "Small Circle Jujitsu",
"DeCuerdas Eskrima" Grand Master/Professor Gilbert Tenio,
"Shorin Ryu Karate" Soke Sid Campbell, martial arts & film star-
Grand Master LeoT. Fong, Professor/Grandmaster
William Q.C. Chun Sr. & his son William Q.C. Chun Jr.,
Grand Master Ron Marchini, "Kajukenbo" Professor Emilio
Bautista, "Ninjitsu/DeCuerdas" Professor Ron Van Donk,
"Wu Shing Tai Chi Chuan" Grand/Professor John K. Wong,
and many more others. Also! included in the DVD is actual-
step-by-step & how-to-information taught directly by Grand/Professor Gilbert Tenio, Professor Wally Jay, & lastly by the man nicknamed "Grease Lightening" 'Serrada Escrima'
extraordinaire , Grand Master *D*. Grand Master *D* is the
co-founder & the presiding 'Grand Master' of the
"World Serrada Escrima Federation" an organization
dedicated to the continuous perpetuation of the legacy of-
the late "Supreme Grand Master" Angel Cabales. Angel Cabales-
is known as the "Father of Escrima in America". Cabales also founded
the first official Filipino martial arts school in Stockton, California, in 1966.

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