Thursday, July 22, 2010

Future of WSEF System of Serrada Escrima

It is incumbant upon we who teach to keep our system alive.  Our system is a living system and a living art.  It lives in our blood & in the blood of each of our students.  It therefore becomes our responsibility to seek not only the best in ourselves but to seek out the best within our students.

It is in our students that we find further life for our art.  Therefore in each student that is my pleasure to teach I seek the next Guro of the System of Serrada Escrima. 

We can never assume that each student we teach will have the same desire to continue our traditions & to allow our system to live on in their hearts, minds & daily lives.  However, with our guidance as instructors we can promote the system of Serrada Escrima that we hold close to us.  With this guidance we may also be fortunate to find a select few, who will through our example want to also allow our system to live within them & who will share the desire to teach others.

At this time I'd like to present to you 3 of my students who have shown this desire & who have advanced to the level of Black Belt 1st Degree/Basic Level Instructor.  I'd like everyone to join me in congratulating the latest Guros of the WSEF System of Serrada Escrima:  Guro Lance Wahls, Guro Casey Wahls & Guro Sean Wahls.

Guro Lance Wahls & SM Guro Mike Schwarz

Guro Casey Wahls & SM Guro Mike Schwarz

Guro Sean Wahls & SM Guro Mike Schwarz
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