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After intensively reviewing a particular ‘ESKABO DAAN’ videotape; I was at first very impressed with the particular escrima tactics that ‘FMA’ instructor Mr. Robert Castro demonstrated. Until it dawned upon me that just about every single tactic that Castro demonstrated came straight out of the ‘Davis/Cabales Serrada System of Escrima’ as was taught to him personally by my Dad GM “D” way back in the early 80’s. The first stick take away technique demonstrated by Mr. Castro was one of our first required tactics that we had to perfect in my Dad’s old system of Kali & Escrima. Of course! At that time, I was just a little whipper-snapper running around getting in between my Dad’s escrima classes as he taught his personal students in our living room, & in our garage, in which Rob Castro was one of those private students.

(L-to-R) Soke Sid Campbell, GM “D” Kneeling at left,

GM Rob Castro in back row 5th. Person.

I remember one day as a child, when my Dad side kicked Rob Castro so fast & so hard that he almost went through our living room window. If my Dad’s top assistant instructor Master Guru Kavi Jones hadn’t caught Mr. Castro, he certainly would have gone straight through the window, & fell two stories down on the outside sidewalk.

GM “D”s famous sidekick WSEF/

Honorary GM Guru Kavi Jones

As my Dad use to take my sister & I with him down to Stockton, California, in order for him to workout privately with the legendary GGM Angel Cabales; I had many opportunities to observe, and to watch many of my Dad, & Angel Cabales’ Escrima classes. I can distinctively recall one day in particular when GGM Angel Cabales talked to my Dad about different systems of Escrima that he considered to be “Spaghetti without the meatballs”. Angel told my Dad that there were many hybrid systems that used his system of escrima as a solid foundation stone in order to construct, & to accentuate their own systems of escrima or kali, etc. Angel called those systems ‘Spaghetti’ because the authors of these various styles of escrima down played his system underneath their own, although it was the ‘Cabales Serrada System of Escrima’ that gave these styles or hybrid arts their exclusive “firepower”.

GGM A. Cabales, Mary Gel Cabales, La Reina Davis, Master Guru Anthone Davis, GM ‘D’.

Although ‘Eskabo Daan’ is said to be a distinctive unique system of Escrima, when I look at it from my viewpoint & perspective, it just resembles my Dad & GGM Angel Cabales’ systems of escrima regurgitated into another form. In my personal opinion! ‘Eskabo Daan’ is nothing more than what GGM Angel Cabales said long ago “Spaghetti” with a few meatballs in it. Lastly! If not for these few meat balls shared with Robert Castro in the early years of his escrima training under my Dad, there would be no such thing as “Eskabo Daan” today. My father assisted in helping Robert Castro in creating his personal system of escrima in an unbiased fashion.

1985/ GM “D” at left, & former private graduate student GM Rob Castro at right.

This photo was shot by photo journalist Geri Gilbert for ‘Official Karate Magazine’

“Please do not misconstrue my intentions as to why I am sharing this personal story; I am just giving credit where credit has long been due; this is something that GGM Angel Cabales, & my Dad always did for each & everyone of their students respectively”.

Humblest Regards!

Anthone Davis Jr./ 3rd. Deg. Master Guru

World Serrada Escrima Federation/MAI
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