Monday, December 28, 2009

My Brother, My Teacher ... Training with CSE Master Chuck Cadell

My Brother, My Teacher
Training with Cabales Serrada Eskrima Master Chuck Cadell

A formidable practitioner and training partner, Master Chuck Cadell is most impressive in front of a class. Over the years he has employed a concept central to Cabales Serrada Eskrima – “economy of motion” – to continually revise his training and teaching methodologies. And those of us who have trained with him have reaped the benefits of his remarkable skills and insights (that he credits to GrandMaster Angel Cabales and scores of others).

Chuck demands a lot from his students, but has always taught us how to work hard the way all great teachers do – by example. A passionate proponent of physical fitness, Chuck practices what he preaches. Every class – from beginning to advanced – begins with stretching and strength training led by Chuck…even on days when he has already worked out on his own, taught a few privates, and worked a demanding shift with his colleagues at the Illinois Department of Corrections.

The first time I saw Chuck he was teaching a children’s martial arts class at a local health club. I was 31 years old, with no martial arts experience, and thought: “If he has enough patience to teach those kids, maybe he has enough patience to teach me, too.” Twenty years later I still enjoy the privilege of being Chuck’s student, and witness to his extraordinary journey as a Martial Arts Instructor and human being – and am honored to count him among my closest friends. I’ll never be able to repay my brother Chuck Cadell for his generosity and friendship over the years, but I’ll continue to try in the only way that really matters: by training hard and perpetuating the Filipino Martial Arts for as long as I can.


Jim “Jimbo” Klenn
Intermediate Level 5th Degree Instructor
Cabales Serrada Eskrima
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