Sunday, August 5, 2007

Upcoming Seminar

On Saturday, September 15, Anta's Fitness and Self Defense will host a World Martial Arts Union Seminar with Master James Perkins and Punong Guro Mike Schwarz.This is an 8 hour workshop 4 hours of Serrada Escrima and 4 Hours of fighting and self defense strategies.Serrada Escrima is a complete self defense system using numerous weapons and empty hands. Yet, the rattan stick is the main weapon. Serrada Escrima Grand Master Angel Cabales who passed away in 1990 was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2006 Serrada Escrima Seminar by Punong Guro Schwarz will cover:I. warm up drills & footwork drillsII. introduction of angles of attacksIII. basic deflections for angles of attack introduced in section IIIV. stick disarmsV. empty hand translations for deflections introduced in section IIIVI. empty hand disarmsVII. lock and block drills(stick and knife drills)VIII. basic stick flow drillsMaster James Perkins Street Effectiveness and Quick Knockouts will cover:Strategic Targeting techniques that will drop a man of any size.How to use every inch of your body to develop devastating power.How to wire in these fighting skills quickly and easily.Knowing when to use speed hitting techniques and when to use power (a critical distinction!).How to deal with a boxer.How to instantly disable even the toughest of street criminals.The single most important concept in street fighting (this is where everybody goes wrong!).A single technique (using just one finger) to stop an assailant in his tracks.Why it's not important to be physically gifted or even athletic!Three simple techniques that always work!The surprising reason most Black Belts lose fights!!An amazing technique that will stop ! even a g iant (you'll be impressed with this one).The three biggest mistakes most people make when attacked on the street.7 sure fire ways to drop the jerk now!How to be prepared for a sneak attack.How to deal with a kicker.For more information call Anta's Fitness and Self Defense at 305 599-3649 or e-mail us at
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